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Build a Michelin Star Kitchen with These 8 Appliances


Any restaurant owner has probably dreamt of bagging the highly coveted Michelin star. However, the widely recognized rating system in the food and restaurant industry is also known to be extremely particular with whom they award, making this achievement quite a goal and feat to accomplish.

The best way to be included in this roster of restaurants worldwide that provide fine dining is to build your kitchen using professional appliances and tools. This is where you are in luck—because this article will tell you what it takes to build a Michelin star restaurant kitchen as recommended by Michelin star chefs, no less! And as a bonus, you will find tips on how to maintain them too.

What is a Michelin Star?

The Paris-based company Michelin has long been handing out prestigious stars to restaurants that fit specific standards. This started as a way to promote tourism in Europe back in the 1900s and evolved to become an annual guide of must-visit restaurants. The awarding body can give anywhere from one to three stars, which means as follows:

  • One star – This is a restaurant worth taking a detour to as it offers specialty cuisine at a high standard.
  • Two stars – This is a place that you can plot in your itinerary to have a delightful cuisine of outstanding quality.
  • Three stars – The restaurant is worth a memorable trip and becomes the actual destination. Dishes are distinct and prepared with the best ingredients. 

8 Appliances and Tools That Should Be in Your Kitchen

To help your restaurant get started on your journey to Michelin stars, you must first possess quality kitchen supplies that will help you precisely execute and craft different food preparation techniques. High-quality products make a difference, and it could be what sets you apart from other aspiring restaurants. Below are some recommendations from Michelin star chefs themselves.

  1. Steam convection oven

    If you are cooking vegetables, fish, and meats in your menu, then a steam convection oven is necessary. Most steam ovens work by siphoning water from a built-in water tank into the boiler, creating just enough heat to release steam into the oven. This results in an evenly-cooked meal that retains moisture and juiciness in your dish.

    Chef Shigeru Hagiwara of Yamazato recommends this specific appliance because it makes it possible to cook at low temperatures overnight. This is the secret to how they cook their pork, which is simmered for 12 hours.

  2. Krok and saak

    The krok and saak is a Thai version of a mortar and pestle, an essential tool in Thai cuisine. It is used to grind food into powder for sauces and preparations of seasoning and spices. There is a subtle art in manually grinding food to maximize the potential of their flavor, and this is an ideal that Chef Chalee Kader believes in, as well.

    The 100 Mahaseth restaurateur, born and raised in Thailand, says that curry paste is an excellent example of a spice you can create with these tools, regardless if it is made with wood, clay, or stone. According to Kader, no food processor can bring out the textures and flavors of ingredients like a trusty krok.

  3. Sous vide machine

    Serving meat at just the right tenderness, juiciness, and taste is one of the goals a restaurant offering this kind of dish wants to achieve. A trusty appliance to help you get the job done is a sous vide machine. 

    Using this nifty equipment, you can slow-cook ingredients while retaining its natural properties, such as juices, weight, and color. With its precise temperature control, you can whip out and serve meats that are otherwise tricky to cook. In some cases, it allows you to cook a dish faster than usual if needed, so meals are always ready to be served to your customers.

  4. Digital scale

    This inexpensive and relatively simple tool allows any chef to measure ingredients precisely, down to the decimal, should a recipe require it. Since digital scales are exact and have built-in conversions, you can hand out practically any recipe using any unit of measurement to be followed by you or your staff flawlessly.

    Brad Farmerie, a Michelin-starred chef and current Executive Chef for Saxon + Parole, says that if you use the scale, you are halfway to success already—implying just how meticulous you should be in handling ingredients if you want to get a Michelin star for your restaurant.

  5. Wine system

    If you would like to serve quality drinks in your restaurant, then a wine system is well worth the investment. A wine system can help automate the process of drinking wine—no need to pull the cork! It tops the bottle with gas, allowing the remaining wine to preserve its freshness over time.

    Not only will this help your expensive bottles last longer, but it is a massive upgrade for your wine bar that a Michelin reviewer will likely not miss.

  6. Frying pan

    Getting a high-quality frying pan that can last you years (or even decades) on end is the secret to cooking the same food over and over at the same quality. A trusty frying pan that is adequately seasoned and cared for can last a lifetime, making them an investment. You do not need to buy a lot; just a couple that can work for most of your dishes.

    Non-stick pans are a great choice since it also lessens the amount of oil you need when cooking.

  7. Measuring spoons or cups

    If there’s something that a digital scale cannot measure, it is your liquid ingredients. For this, you need measuring spoons or cups to get the right measurements for your liquids accurately.

    It cannot be stressed enough how vital precise measurements are for chefs in making their best dishes—the same ones whose restaurants they either own or cook for have a Michelin star. Investing in these and using them correctly are going to be worth your while.

  8. Knife set

    What chef doesn’t have a high-quality knife set? It is probably one of the most used tools in the kitchen. You will need a variety of knives for all the different meats and ingredients you will cut, and it is crucial that you also preserve them well. It is a good idea to get a knife sheath along with your set to help maintain its sharpness when not in use or avoid accidents in the kitchen.

    The number of knives you want to use is entirely up to you and how diverse your menu is. Some chefs settle with four to seven knives, while others have a whopping collection of 17 or more, all with a specific purpose.

Tips to Maintain a Michelin Star Kitchen

With great tools and appliances come great responsibility. Besides owning the best kitchen appliances to help you earn your star (so to speak), you should also know the best practices to ensure that these tools stay in their best shape. Caring for them means extending their lives, allowing you to use them for longer, and getting your money’s worth. Think of it as caring for your investment.

  • Sharpen your knives

As mentioned above, chefs are rarely seen without their knives in the kitchen, as most chefs use this to prepare their ingredients. A blunt knife can mean uneven cuts, which may affect your cooking. Take the time to sharpen them or perhaps hone them to your liking if necessary, using a whetstone.

  • Store your seasoning properly

There is a correct way to store your herbs and spices, which involves keeping them in cool, dry spaces and away from your appliances. You do not want to risk seasoning your equipment, so it’s best to keep them out. In addition, only buy what you need, so nothing goes to waste.

  • Take care of your kitchen appliances

No matter how awesome your appliances are, if you do not perform routine maintenance on them, they will likely break down quickly. To avoid this from happening, it is best to have scheduled check-ups to see if everything is working as they are supposed to. Hire a professional to repair them if necessary.

  • Clean as you go

Finally, cleaning is an essential step for maintaining your kitchen. Food is an attractor of many different bacteria like molds or even unwanted bugs or critters. In a time when viruses emerge and spread like wildfire, it’s vital that you keep your kitchen spotless, as it is of utmost importance to maintain the safety and welfare of your kitchen staff and the customers you serve.

Only the Best for Your Kitchen

With the prestige and honor of receiving a Michelin star, it is only reasonable for restaurants to work hard and strive for the best—not only with the ingredients, recipe, and techniques but also down to the appliances and tools to use.

If you need to invest in superb kitchen tools for your restaurant, then Charlie’s Fixtures has everything you need and more. It is a one-stop-shop for high-quality items like food prep essentials, tableware, equipment, and furniture, priced reasonably to help you grow your food business.

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