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ACP Amana

ACP: Accelerated Cooking Products

ACP Inc, can trace it's roots back to 1947 when Raytheon® built the first microwave oven, the Model 1161. This 6' tall, 750 lb monstrosity cost over 50K US dollars in today's currency. In 1965, Raytheon acquired Amana Refrigeration, and just 2 years later the world was introduced to its first affordable microwave oven: The Amana Radarange®

Today, ACP is 100% dedicated to the professional foodservice industry. We manufacturer XpressChef™ high-speed ovens, as well as Amana® Commercial and Menumaster® Commercial specialty, steam and microwave ovens. Our ovens have been ranked best in class for over twenty-five years, and are preferred in areas of performance, reliability, service, construction, ease-of-use and safety.