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Endura by Canplas

As the backbone of the Separation Technologies product portfolio, Endura® grease interceptors are an essential part of operating a commercial or institutional foodservice business.

Required by plumbing codes and by most jurisdictions across North America, grease interceptors are often the last piece of equipment on the priority list for foodservice professionals. But without an effective solution to prevent fats, oils and greases (FOG) from entering wastewater systems, facilities are open to significant risk of ongoing effluent-compliance issues, foul odor, environmental contamination and potentially significant fines.

Metal grease interceptors mean corrosion, leaks and foul odor in the plumbing system, and have an average operational life of 3 to 5 years,

Large-capacity concrete interceptors—with a limited operational life averaging 10 to 12 years—suffer from microbial and chemical corrosion. As a porous material, moisture and acidic material attack the concrete and the reinforcing structure, resulting in failure with components, such as baffles, mounting locations and the tanks themselves.

Endura® products are specifically designed and manufactured to offer better operational solutions for grease management in the modern foodservice facilities they serve.

Based on the principles of hydromechanical design, Endura grease interceptors use engineered thermoplastics. Our injection molding expertise and patented designs offer a lifetime of product performance. Endura products suit both internal and external applications with on-floor and in-floor capabilities. Fully accessible flow control devices are also a unique element of our grease interceptors.


We've been working with Charlie's Fixtures for over a decade to help with store opening and ongoing equipment needs. Their combination of value, service, and product selection is truly second to none.

Jay Ferro, Founder of Kyle's Kitchen

I have been shopping at Charlie's Fixtures since 1995. Charlie's has always been the full service restaurant supply where you can buy plates to ranges. And always the best service

Neal Fraser, Founder/Chef of Redbird

Charlie's Fixtures is amazing both on stress free customer relations and service, even their prices and deals are competitive. The brands and quality they carry are guaranteed long lasting, plus they have experts who know which one would best be beneficial to your business. I am very confident to recommend them to all.

Nolee - American Ranch

We love everything about Charlie's Fixtures! Wide selection, great prices, and the staff are amazing. From pans to ovens, they represent all brands. If you cant find it in their store they can get it for you. I highly recommend them.

Elvira Suavillo, Restaurant Manager of Max of Manilla

Thanx to the staffs expertise with equipment I've been able to complete many clients install projects over the years.

Angel Granados, Owner of Protek Services

I love this group of people. They made a stressful journey of opening a business a smoother experience. They truly care about what you need and will go above and beyond to make sure you have all the info to make the right decision. That probably the reason they have been around for more than 30 years.

Ari Kahan Owner of Mainland Poke

Charlie's Fixtures, and more importantly, Leo and William are always there when you need them and you can rest assured you're in good hands

Joe Banet, Operations Manager

William and his team at Charlie's have exceeded my expectations since day one, from the 1st phone call with a sales rep on to meet with their management team! I have been doing business with their competitor for over 10 years prior to meeting William. He cares for his customers, whether you're a big company or start up. I wish I had switched to Charlie's sooner

Kenny Dang, Partner / COO Dirt Dog

It's always a great pleasure dealing with Charlie's Fixtures. They have a wide variety of products and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They always make me feel comfortable and welcomed and never tread the experience as just another transaction. I highly recommend them.

Saren Melikian, General Manager Massis Kabob